A Farewell to Arms
Book Club

Our purpose:
To better understand the world that Hemmingway lived in through his writing.

Expectations of Book Club
1. Don’t get off topic

2. Whoever is in charge of making the syllabus has to have at least 10 discussion questions, one main focus question, and an opening and closing activity.

3. “Annotating” isn’t required; however, if you have a question during the reading, write it down and bring it to the group. It will be added to the syllabus.

4. Do the reading (generally 4 chapters a night)

5. Bring:
Snack food (preferably cookies)

6. If someone forgets their duty, they have to:
They have to sing the chorus of “Big Girls Don’t Cry” by Fergie to the whole class
They have to wear the small knight hats

7.DUTY!!!!!!!: Bring syllabus, or snacks.